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HFX zonee II
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HFX zonee II

Muli-Zone Networkplayer for UPnP and AirPlay up to 32BIT/384KHz
product number: 870
Price per Unit (Stück): €699.00 (including 20 % tax)

The HFX zonee II is designed for highend USB-DAC and USB-Amplifiers. You can control each channel (zone) with your iPAD or Android device. USB-DAC up to 32/384KHz are supported. Up to 4 zones can be played at the same time. Also new formats like DSD, AC3 and DTS are supported. Via HDMI also multichannel sound up to Dolpby TruHD or Dolby DTS-HD are suported.

  • supports all audio codec (FLAC, AIFF, Apple, WAV, WMA, MP3 and more)
  • supports new formats like DFF (SACD DSD), AC3, Dolby Tru-HD and DTS-HD
  • supports all high resolutions from 16BIT/44kHz to 32BIT/384kHz
  • resampling original resolution to resolution of the connected audio device on-the-fly
  • up to 4 zones parallel (analogue, S/PDIF optical, HDMI and USB)
  • supports USB-DACs like Manunta, NAD, Calyx, Nuforce, CEntrance, ASUS
  • supports UPnP (DLNA) and also AirPlay
  • support UPNP control points like Asset Control (Win), Songbook (iPAD, iPhone), PlugPlayer (Android), Monkey (Android)

You can of course use the HFX zonee only for one zone, but maybe you want to add in parallel a good headphone amp. But you can also use USB Air DACs and play music in each room of your house.

To play music, you need to have a UPNP source, like the RipNAS with Asset UPNP and your digital music collection inside. The HFX zonee II has also an own UPNP server onboard for a local music collection.

The HFX zonee is compatibel with standard USB audio devices. If the manufacturer of the USB audio device has own proprietary drivers, they can be easily installed. HFX has already succesfully tested the following USB devices: HFX RipAMP, NAD Wireless DAC, Calyx Coffee, LV2 Audio Pro, Nuforce µDAC2, Nuforce AirDAC Wireless, CEntrance Audiophile Desktop System (PX, Masterclass 2504), ASUS Xonar USB, Creative X-Fi USB.

Recommended Apps:

  • Apple iPAD/iPOD/iPhone: Kinsky, Songbook, Plugplayer
  • Android: Kinsky, Bubble-UPNP, Monkey (recommended)
  • Windows: Kinsky, Asset-Control

Technical Specification:
>> on the fly conversion of the resolution
>> supports asynchronous USB to use the clock of the connected USB-DAC
>> direct audio output with minijack, HDMI or S/PDIF (optical)
>> 4x USB 3.0 for Highend DACs up to 32BIT/384kHz
>> HDMI for multichannel sound up to Dolby Pro-HD and DTS-HD
>> 2kg pure brushed aluminium
>> dimensions: 3cm (h) x 23cm (w) x 24cm (d)

The product has 2 years manufacturer warrenty, no moving parts inside for long life and low consumption with only max. 7W.


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