HFX is a High-Tech company focussing on home entertainment and technologies to make your daily life more convinient, more stylish and more quiet. With the HFX product lines we provide fanless, anti-allergic and stylish home entertainment devices which bring more value and more life into your living room. mCubed is a leading manufacturer of over 30 products for the consumer and professional markets. May it be for consumers who want the ultimate multimedia experience at home without having to tolerate the noise of a PC or for graphic designers, music recording studios or any dust-free environments who want fanless PCs, HFX has the solution with their new high-end HFX products.

HFX systems can do more than traditional satellite receivers, HDD recorders, set top boxes or amplifiers. HFX systems combine all those devices plus adding new services like Internet, eMails, Games,  Videos, Pictures, Music and more all in one devices connected with a high resolution LCD, Beamer or Plasma.

RipNAS systems target the highend audio segment by providing digital audio equipment at highest quality level. The RipNAS systems are equipped with the hardware and software to ensure best audio quality.

Cinema systems target the home video market by providing the best comfort for your digitilized video collection.

mCubed is assembling and producing in Germany and Austria. The headquarter is located in Austria.

Made in Austria


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Director: Maik Berendt