How to build the Micro storage box:

1. Connect both HDDs to the power and to the Sata adapter

2. lay the HDDs down in the storage

3. put the cooling plates on the HDDs

4. position the power supply unit in front of the first hdd

5. position the two sata to usb adapter with light pressure; the first above the power supplie unit; the second in frot of the second hdd.

6. put the the cover on the storagebox and mount the backpanel.

7. built the remote control unit in the backpanel of your pc.

8. connect the remote control unit to a free molex power connector.

9. connect the storagebox to your pc with 2 usb cable and remote control cable.


writing mode: 34 Watt
free mode: 18 Watt
read mode 30 Watt

After 1h writing:
HDD: 41°C

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 December 2012 19:26