T-Balancer miniNG

100W pure analog power

2-channel fan controller with 2 sensors.
First with analog and PWM technology combined!
>> up to 100W power
>> start control for water pumps
>> manual configuration with jumpers
>> free configuration with T-Balancer and software


T-Balancer Software: Navigator V2
for Windows 98, 2000, XP
for Windows VISTA and WIN7
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Manual miniNG

Manual FanAmp

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"The Vadim may have more fans than Justin Timberlake bute, thanks to the excellent mCubed T-Balancer bigNG fan controller, the PC is super-quiet, rivalling even the Voodoo PC."

Mad Shrimps
"What do you get when you put a bunch of talented Austrians into a small room with a bunch of fans, a few silicon chips and a soldering iron? The world smallest and most advanced fan controller, their miniNG is basically a brain for your fans."

"This product is the coolest, greatest product I've had the honour to test in my time at this web site. If it was possible it would get three of each of those awards we sometimes grant."

"Rarely does a product emerge that is truly new and different."

A True Review
"In my opinion, the T-Balancer is one of the greatest computer modding accessories on the market today."

Silent PC Review
"In many ways, mCubed is the ultimate thermal / noise / fan control system for the dedicated silent PC enthusiast."

Björn 3D
"I cannot praise this fan controller enough."

"This is probably the best fan controller I’ve ever seen."

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The T-Balancer® miniNG is the first fan controller with patented Dual Mode Technology (DMT) which combines analogue Silence with strong PWM power. You can choose per channel, if you want to drive analogue or not. You can also switch with software or with jumper while system is running.

The miniNG is a 2 channel fan controller with 2 sensors. The miniNG with its huge heatsink can power up to 20W per channel with analogue voltage and 50W per channel with PWM. You can configure temperature limits and speed curves with jumpers or with the T-Balancer and its software.

Configuration is very easy: in stand-alone mode only with jumper and poti or with software via the T-Balancer. You can choose from many profiles like curve, step, target temperature, manual or you can just make your own profile with the T-Balancer and store it on the miniNG.

Small - but full of details and features:

  • separate control of 2 fan channels
  • 50W per channel with PWM, combined 100W
  • 20W per channel with analogue, combined 25W
  • 2 analogue sensors
  • kick-start for water pumps
  • configuration with jumpers and potentiometers
  • free configuration with T-Balancer® and its software
  • integrated overheat protection in analogue operation

The heart of the miniNG is a powerfull microprocessor with integrated permanent memory. The processor enables a lot of configuration possibilities and the connection to the T-Balancer®. All configurations are saved to the memory.

The miniNG works completely autonom and can also be operated without the T-Balancer®. But if you own a T-Balancer you can make all configurations with software and you can create new profiles and save them to the miniNG.

Package contents:
2 very thin analogue temperature sensors, jumpers, sensor cable for connecting to T-Balancer and mounting material.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 60x50x16mm
Weight: 95g
max. consumption: 10A
Combined power: 100W (PWM)/25W (analogue)
power per channel: 50W (PWM)/20W (analogue)


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