The HFX classic is compatible with all ATX components like ATX motherboards, ATX power supplies, standard DVD writers and full size slot cards.

Passive cooling system
The mCubed HFX® classic is equipped with huge aluminium heatsinks on each side of the chassis. Like with high performance power amplifiers the heat will be dissipated over the heatsinks via natural air convection. The vertical heatsinks have a special rippled surface to enforce the convection. The two main heat sources in a PC are the power supply and the processor. The passive cooled power supply will be mounted directly to the left heatsink. The heat of the processor will be transferred with heatpipes to the right heatsink. VGA and bridge can also be cooled with heatpipes.

While ATX standard is based on active cooling with cold air coming from the front and warm air going out in the back, the HFX is based on natural air convection. This means that cool air is coming from the bottom and warm air is going up to the top. Therefore the mCubed HFX® classic provides a lot of air holes on the bottom and 3 huges venting holes on the top cover. For safety reasons a 92mm safety fan can be added underneath the right venting hole.

Recommended assessories
CPU cooler - BorgFX CPU or BorgFX CPU deluxe
PSU - ST40NF 400W for HFX classic (it does not fit into the HFX classic with front connectors)
Remote control - VISTA GP
Please note: if you want to use the iMON VFD, then you can use only the ST30NF (the ST40NF is 1cm bigger)


Material Aluminium
Colour Black-Silver
Motherboards Standard ATX and Micro ATX
CPU sockets 754/939/940/775/478/462/479
Power Supply Passive or Standard ATX
Drive Bay Exposed 5.25" x 1
Backside -
Hidden 5.25" x 3
Cooling System

Passive (optional)


Safety (optional)

92mm fan

Expansion Slots

6 full size


optional AV-Scart-Connector Kit

Net Weight

14.7 kg


430 mm (W) x 145 mm (H) x 450 mm (D)


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