HFX Ripping Service 


Free DFF to DSF converter by HFX Austria
Convert your DFF music files into DSF,
so that you can add and edit the metadata
like Artist, Title, Album, Cover and more.
Download and Details here




RipNAS MONSTER  with 36TB HDD and Quad Core i7

CD-Ripper, Audio Server & Digital Player. With Quad Core, 36TB HDD, System SSD, S/PDIF, HDMI and 124db SNR analog output. More ...

HFX classic music collections

HFX music collections for RipNAS and AssetNAS

HFX is starting with 2 classic music collections With absolutely no Ripping errors, with perfect metadata, with original album covers. More ...

HFX Ripping Service

HFX archiviert für Sie die CDs in höchster Qualität

Akkurat, Fehlerfrei, Verlustfrei!  Mehr ...

HFX zonee audio player

HFX zonee - now with up to 384kHz and Internet Radio



eins null: „Der kleine Zonee ist der perfekte Partner für die RipNAS-Geräte von HFX und natürlich viele andere NAS-Systeme.“ Read more ...


HIFI CHOICE recommend RipNAS Solid

HiFi-Choice recommends RipNAS Solid

Hi-Fi Choice 2014/05 recommends RipNAS Solid: "A great product that does the job it is purposed for quite brilliantly"

RipNAS with DSD Support

RipNAS with DSD Support!

More and more Highres-Downloads are offered in DSD Format. A few USB-DAC with DSD-Support are available now.

We have tested the RAL USB-DAC and used the RipNAS as Player. JRiver as Player and the Driver for the USB-DAC needs to be installed. We have tested the RAL USB-DAC with DSD64-Format (2,8MHz) with amazing results. Read More.